Buy 2 – DELICAT Whip Soap

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Not one but two!

We doubled the whitening power of Delicat Whip Soap with Carica Papaine that is proven to whiten and even out skin and Melfade, a highly purified extract lightening agent that inhibits the progress of skin darkening.

Surely, you will achieve your dream of having a silky white skin with Delicat whip soap from Beautederm.

Soak your body into all the moisturizing and whitening goodness from Delicat. This soap works like a dream, plus it comes with an ultra-fine delicate net that creates a soft and airy whip foam that gently removes dirt and dead skin cells from your skin.

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Delicat Whitening Whip Soap

We have combined nature’s most potent ingredients to give you the ultimate whitening soap perfect for delicate skin. Delicat Whip soap contains salicylic acid and Carica papaya fruit extract that is packed with antioxidants and effectively and gently exfoliates unwanted dry skin cells to reveal the radiance you always wanted.#DelicatWhipSoap #BEAUTéDERM

Posted by Beautéderm on Monday, September 14, 2020