Beautederm Hugh Shaving Cream – Free Mens Pouch

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Have you tried our new HUGH SHAVING CREAM that can be used both men and women? 🧐

A surfactant free, low poo and freshly scented cream to experience a comfortable shave while preventing your skin from razor, that may lead to wounds or bumps. Hugh Shaving cream makes every glide effortless, it contains moisturizer and pore minimizing active suited for all types of skin 

Product benefit is based on the following ingredients: 

1. Sodium Pamitoyl Proline – Nymphaea Alba Flower Extract – Modulates activity of keratinocyte inflammation mediators; antagonizes Wnt signalization pathway leading to decreased genetic expression of tyrosinase. Help in soothing skin and hair after shave. 

2. Betaine (GENENCARETM OSMS BH) – A natural osmolyte derived from sugar beet. It has an Ecocert, Organic certification with respected renewable resources. It delivers multi-functional benefits aside from being a very good moisturizing agent. 

3. Potassium Azeloyl Diglycinate – hydrating and lightening dark skin and helps in minimizing pores. 

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