Beauté WAND


Why Beauté WAND?

  • It increases facial, muscle elasticity.
  • Regular use will enhance skin tightening & firmness.
  • Reduces wrinkles & eliminates fine lines.
  • Revitalize skin & promotes anti-aging.
  • Activates cells for revitalization & improves blood circulation in the face & neck.
  • Reduces facial fats, lifts & contours the face.
  • Remove Beauté WAND from the box.Turn on the Beauté WAND with a gentle twist. Must be used on its own, best after application of the Beautéderm Beauté Set / Cristaux GOLD or Supreme Elixir Serum. Gently run the T-Shaped Bar up and down the face. When done using, turn it off, rinse and dry before storing.
  • Caution 1
    Please read the safety precautions carefully before use and foolw the User Guide (Keep User Guide for future reference).
    Caution 2
    Stop using the product immediately if the skin or body appears abnormal during usage.
    Caution 3
    Please keep and use the product under normal room temperature.
    Caution 4
    Please do not disassemble and reform the product withour authorization.
    Caution 5
    Please put the product in places, which are inaccessible to babies and children.
    Caution 6
    Please do not impact, fall off or excessibly vibrate the product.
    Caution 7
    Please do no use the product for purposes other than for its original functions.
    Caution 8
    Please remove the battery if the product is not used for more than a month.
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